My Babysitter’s a Vampire - Season 2 - Independence Daze (S02E08) Promo #2

Annnnnd now we know why Disney’s airing Independence Daze earlier. Sigh. Also featuring Code 9, Fish Hooks, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Girl vs. Monster.


My Babysitter’s a Vampire - Season 2 - Independence Daze (S02E08) Promo #1

Oh my goodness I’m as scared as can be


Rated PG-13 
To understand some of this better watch this link beside

Plot: After being lied to his whole Ethan is confused. With Ethan’s dad dead and mom confused he has to start public school. Ethan is still unsure about tursting people so when a girl Sarah tries to show him around and everything he runs away every time. She keeps on trying to talk to him. All he can ever think about is his past and his father. After he gets stuck in the mirror and she helps him out he is trying harder to trust her. So after he lets in a little trust he finds love!

Notes: The clips you didn’t see before of Ethan and Sarah were from… Ethan Flashpoint - The Barn 2x15 and Sarah The Latest Buzz - The Back to School Issue 3x1. The begging is just there to take over some music time. Also MY FAVORITE WORK YET!

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Radio Rebel Bloopers

If you haven’t seen it already (I hadn’t), check it out. Atticus is in it @ 2:10 and 5:50… and 5:50 is the best ever.

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That moment when I realize that I’m gonna have to wait two more weeks for the next MBAV episode:

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Disney Girls!

Disney Girls!

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So what if Beck and Jade had a spin-off for a more mature audience?

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